Delayed, dismissed, elusive diagnosis leaves people suffering in silence.

The impact is population wide, and far more profound on women. Every year, more than 90M women are found to be silently suffering from conditions like endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), undiagnosed fertility, auto-immune conditions, and many more "invisible" diseases.

At Awesome Health, we’re on a mission to put an end to silent suffering caused by underserved conditions that are invisible, neglected, stigmatized, costly and complicated.

We do this by AI and deep machine learning to gather data and improve healthcare. But, hey! Isn’t that what so many others have been doing for over a decade?

It's time to go beyond AI-generated content and to use the power of AI to really solve the really tough problems.

At Awesome Health, we use AI to study and analyze millions of medical claims, extract complex datasets to identify at risk populations and to match them with treatment plans that are aimed to vastly improve their quality of lives and to lower healthcare costs.

This is how our proprietary multi-disciplinary model united by AI, is defining thedifference between AI and ‘The Good AI’

While much of healthcare remains reactive and episodic, we at Awesome Health are bringing a new model, a healthcare model that is

Risk predictive vs Post- episodic reactive healthcare

Early population-level detection vs Delayed diagnosis

Lifecare vs Skincare

How do we do it

Our Good AI beats the symptoms for time, and completes the care
journeys like none else, eliminating fragmentation and frustration.
















Vision-led action: a multi-disciplinary solution unified by AI


Identifying women at risk two years early and predicting diseases from population and health claims data.

Identifying early interventions of individuals’ diseases to alter its course.


Using AI and machine learning algorithms to identify the most fertile days of ovulation, a first step to help build families. Visit Ava


Identifying best clinical pathways and tailoring a woman's journey to lead to the best clinical outcomes.


CrowdMed: Capturing ‘the wisdom of the crowd’ for quicker diagnoses and effective treatment plans. Our data mining engines gather structured as well as unstructured health data (including social communities) to find new and novel ways of treating chronic conditions that may not ordinarily be apparent by looking at single patients coming in over six months.


Re-imagining personalized nutrition with specific food recommendations that match biology, to restore health, the natural way.


Predicting health care costs for employers and health plan providers, allowing better planning and early interventions.

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