Pre-conception is a massive unmet need


of women in their reproductive years are either pregnant or trying to conceive


of couples have trouble conceiving


don't know the best time in their cycle for conceptive sex**


women trying to conceive then go on to seek fertility intervention with the average cost of IVF being $66'000

Meet the first FDA-cleared fertility tracking wearable

Worn only during sleep, the Ava bracelet tracks 5 physiological signals. It uses machine learning algorithms to extract from this data the 5 most fertile days of the menstrual cycle.

The device is 100% reimbursable.

For employers

For employers

Ava is scientifically proven to lower time to pregnancy, which can reduce the need to move on to costly or invasive fertility options.

For providers

For providers

A modern, AI-powered solution you can offer patients for managing their reproductive health

For individuals

For individuals

Get pregnant faster with Ava's personalized fertility insight

Salient features of Ava

FDA cleared, CE-certified, GDPR data protection compliant

The most advanced technology to track fertile days – using more parameters & data

Detects more fertile days than urinary LH tests and more temperature shifts than oral thermometers

More accurate than traditional methods

Detects both opening & closing of the fertile window, and does so with 89% accuracy

Today peak fertility

Couples who time intercourse properly double their chance of pregnancy with Ava

Clinically proven to be 90% accurate at detecting the fertile window

Tracks 1M+ physiological parameters every night to provide women with personalized, actionable insight into their health

Detects 2X fertile days as LH ovulation tests

Nearly 30% of sub-fertile women report pregnancy within one year of using Ava Fertility

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Success by the numbers


successful pregnancies


satisfied customers


unique monthly visitors on platform


clinical studies with top global clinics


acclaimed publications and presentations



Every new success is a story worth celebrating

  • "Ava helps when fertility treatments don’t."

    Ava helps when fertility treatments don’t.
  • "Ava helped doctors identify the treatment I needed."

    Ava helped doctors identify the treatment I needed.
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